Slow Carb Diet

Slow Carb eating does not require counting calories or carbs on this diet – just following a few basic rules.

To get all text-book-y :

A Slow Carb diet  is based on eating foods with a low-glycemic index (GI). Foods with a low GI break down glucose in your body slowly, keeping your blood sugar levels constant throughout the day.  A strict Slow Carb diet is by default gluten, sugar and dairy free so in addition to weight-loss, many followers experience other health benefits by eliminating these common allergens from their diets.

This page aims to address what is the Slow Carb Diet and tell a bit more about my personal experience with the Slow Carb Diet.

The Slow Carb Diet is an eating plan developed by Tim Ferris in his book The Four Hour Body.

You can learn more about Slow Carb here.

When I started my Slow Carb Journey in February 2011, I followed this plan to the T.  Over time, and as I began to learn more about nutrition and other similar eating plans, I began experimenting a bit more (as any Ferris disciple does, not that I consider myself a Ferris disciple.)

This led me to learn more about the Primal Blue Print and other forms of Paleo eating.

You can learn more about Primal/Paleo eating  here … or here.

I no longer follow this plan (or any plan) to the letter, but I continue to incorporate many of the principles into all my recipes and while not all fit Tim Ferris’ prescribed Slow Carb perfectly, they are all still Slow Carb Meals in the broader sense of what Slow Carb means.

My Slow Carb Food way of eating focuses on:

  • Whole, unprocessed foods
  • Loads of Protein + Veggies
  • Some Healthy Oils and Fats
  • Tons of Herbs and Spices
  • Some Nuts
  • A bit of low-GI Fruit regularly
  • A bit of dark, Organic Chocolate regularly
  • Occasional Chocolate Whey Protein powder
  • Occasional Dairy (goat cheese or cream in coffee)
  • Occasional Legumes
  • Wine or vodka in somewhat excessive quantities once or twice a week 🙂

If you’re just starting with Slow Carb, I think you’ll find that if you track what you eat and your results, you’ll start to find what works for you.  If things aren’t moving, you may try changing things up a bit.  Sometimes a very small tweak may make a big difference.

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