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Gluten Free Chocolate cake on

Keep Your Cheat Day Gluten Free With This Chocolate Cake

I don’t usually post non-slow-carb recipes, but everything counts if you include your cheat day, right? There’s some good reason to keep a gluten-free diet even if you don’t necessarily keep it sugar free. Gluten messes up a lot of people, some may say the vast majority, even if most of us don’t realize it. […]

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Five Reasons you Should Consider Going Gluten-Free

This is a guest post by Drew Manning of fit2fat2fit. While I agree with what he says, keep in mind that he’s not specifically referring to slow-carb. I don’t want to get hate mail about how quinoa isn’t slow carb or asking if bananas are OK on slow-carb. 😉 There are countless reasons to live […]

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Things Are A-changin’

You may notice that things look slightly diferent around here. There will be more soon, but please bear with us while we handle a server move. Everything will be back to normal soon! -jason

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