Hi there.  I’m Jason.  Resident Cook and Chief Food Experimenter

In 2011, SlowCarbFoodie.com was created when its founder decided she wanted to get healthier and began following the Slow Carb Diet.  She loved to cook, and figured that sharing some of her favorite recipes for Slow Carb eating and to help others stick to the program by showing them how a Slow Carb lifestyle can be delicious, decadent and doesn’t have to be remotely boring, then it would motivate her to keep cooking yummy, healthy food as well.

Somewhere around then, she and I met virtually and started comparing notes. Then in 2012 we worked on a project together where we came up with a great guide for slow-carb beginners called 10 Slow-Carb Shortcuts Even Tim Ferris Doesn’t Know About (Yet).

She’s since become quite the successful entrepreneur and wasn’t able to spend as much time with SCF as I had, so she handed me the keys and now I’m running the show!

Despite knowing a whole heck of a lot about nutrition and fitness after reading Tim Ferris’ #1 NYT Best Selling Book, The Four Hour Body as well as other eating styles such as Paleo,  Primal Blueprint, and Intermittent Fasting (still doing this one – for all the other health benefits!), I still struggle.  It’s one thing to know a lot – it’s a completely different question to actually do everything you know to do consistently enough to see ongoing results.

Every time I follow the “rules” and stick to my plan, I see results – I start looking slimmer, I feel better, I have more energy, and my wife notices it too.  I know this stuff works.  I just have to keep sticking to it.  And so do you.

Keep coming back to join me in the journey.    I’ll be sharing tips, trick, learnings and failures with you as I go.



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