Request for Recipes – What’s happened to the Slow Carb Foodie?

Hi there to everyone in Slow Carb Land.  You may have noticed that it’s been ages since I’ve posted on here.  Well, two things happened.

1)  My lap top crashed (the dreaded blue screen of death), and I love all my food photos of recipes I’d cooked and was planning to post one day.

2)  I’ve been experimenting with other ways of eating that stretch the definition of slow carb quite a bit.

I’ve actually been at a bit of loss as to whether or not to keep up the blog as my own diet and health interests change, and I’m not longer cooking as many Slow Carb Meals each week.

The only reason I’m considering keeping the blog up is because (despite my lack of updating), the blog still gets plenty of visits – 300-500ish on any given day, and 2-5 signups to the newsletter.  So this makes me think it’s serving a purpose for some of you out there.

So, here’s my request:  If you’re out there, and you’re reading this – would you like to contribute a Slow Carb Recipe to keep the momentum of this blog and recipe repository going?

Please comment or message me at jason @

Health and happiness to all.

7 Replies to “Request for Recipes – What’s happened to the Slow Carb Foodie?”

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re not going to be updating this as much, Laura. I’ve actually created a similar site to yours, and it’s all about making the slow carb diet taste good (with some recipes that help make the diet more sustainable).

    Perhaps as a form of good networking, I’ll submit a recipe to posted here in the future. 🙂 I hope you change your mind and decide to get back to updating this site more frequently, but if not, best of luck in whatever you are doing.

    – Eric

  2. I am allergic to eggs, coconut, avocado. I would like to go on the slow carb diet but it seems that the recipes call for eggs, coconut milk and avocados.
    Can I use the egg substitute since that is the only kind of eggs I can eat without getting sick. Coconut makes my nose itch and avocado gives me very bad indigestion and extremely bloated.

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