Slow Carb Worcestershire Sauce Substitute

Worcestershire Sauce is a perfect example of the hidden sugars that you should look out for while eating a Slow Carb Diet.  1 Tablespoon contains 3g carbs and 2g sugar.

It’s easy enough to forgo Worcestershire in favor of other spices and seasonings, but what’s a girl (or guy!) to do when a recipe is otherwise Slow Carb Diet friendly except that one itty-bitty little teaspoon of that inconspicuous, but potentially diet sabotaging, sauce?

For example, my favorite Walnut Crusted Pork Chops?

Here’s a few alternatives:

Red Wine Vinegar + Fish Sauce + Salt

Tamarind Paste + Soy Sauce  + White Vinegar

Tamarind Paste + Soy Sauce + dash of Cinnamon + a few Cloves (FYI – these were the original ingredients used in Worcestershire Sauce.)

3 Replies to “Slow Carb Worcestershire Sauce Substitute”

  1. Thank you for this! I thought your numbers were wrong, so I went to my cabinet and checked out the sauce. The serving size is a TEASPOON, not tablespoon…so I had been thinking all a along that a tbsp had less than 1g sugar. 🙂

    So thanks for clearing that up, and thanks for the alternatives! I will have to try each one.


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